Covarchan do wicipîdea - in levar gvevoddath bech ghuar Prithenic, iachth sênŸ Alba

Fàilte gu bhicipritheanaig - leabhar eòlais beag mu Phritheanaig - seann chànan na Gàidhealtachd (fiosrachadh agus gràmar na Gàidhlig cuidheachd)

This wiki project is a personal project of mine to increase the usage of minority languages in Scotland, namely Gaelic, Scots and Norn. The focus of the pages themselfs however is the reconstruction project of an ancient Celtic language once spoken in Scotland called Prittenic, or Pictish. I am hoping to partially recreate both Pritennic, and Prithenic, which is meant as a linguistic exploration into what the language may have been like was it spoken into the present day.